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Jessica Lee

Welcome to The Secret Psychic!

 My name is Jessica Lee and I am an internationally known psychic, healer and channeler for spirit guides. I have been working professionally since 2007, but have always had the gift of insight and sensitivity since as far back as I can recall.

It is my life's goal and mission to reach out to and help as many people as I can either through kind deeds such as offering a local homeless person food, water and clothing, by being a good friend and listener, honest and straight forward or by using the gifts I was born with and helping others who seek my help to understand situations and feelings that seem to be getting the better of them, and also offering healing through various techniques and positive energies.

I have helped thousands of people worldwide, earned a continuous 5 star ranking on every psychic website I have worked for thus far and have well over 1,000 reviews from real clients who have received my help throughout the years,from all over the world and on various websites. Sometimes even I have a hard time believing in my own abilities which makes me strive harder to give the most accurate and beneficial readings I can, yes even I have doubts, but when reading my reviews, it brings me a feeling of excitement. It validates to me that I am genuine and most importantly, I am helping people!


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